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Webinar Series: Improve Salesforce for Life Sciences Organizations
*Nov 17, 2022: Optimize Pardot (MCAE) for Life Sciences
*Dec 15, 2022: 2023 Life Sciences Trends impacting Salesforce
*Jan 19, 2023: Salesforce Automation for Life Sciences
*Feb 16, 2023: Value Stream Map your GTM Process to improve Salesforce use in Life Sciences
*Mar 16, 2023: Life Sciences Tech Stack Stars: a Demo Jam

Each webinar will feature a use-case overview and case study aimed specifically at helping admins, product owners, and end users of Salesforce.com in Life Sciences organizations. Subject Matter Experts will cover the topic live, and you can ask questions about best practices or details on each topic. All sessions will be recorded and available post-event.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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